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Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya

Updated on: Mar 20, 2013

Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya was established on 18th September 1997 to provide Sanskrit education in Maharashtra. It is a statutory University having its headquarters at Ramtek. It offers innovative academic programmes and syllabus. It stresses on science and technology in ancient India as preserved in the Sanskrit texts. Course at all level, such as certificate, junior diploma, senior diploma, higher diploma, post-graduate diploma and Bachelor degree are offered by the University. It also offers Angam (diploma course) specially designed for raising the interest of people to learn the Sanskrit language.

The University has adopted the traditional method of encouraging Post Graduation Research Activities by way of Research Work for Ph.D. Degree and D.Litt. Degree. Any student from any faculty who has passed Post Graduate Examination in his discipline can register in this university for Ph.D. Degree research. Those interested in Post Doctoral research are permitted to submit their research work for D.Litt (Doctor of Letters) Degree. This apart, the university is undertaking research activities in the form of research projects with the financial assistance from Central Government and other agencies.

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