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Sports Colleges in Maharashtra

Updated on: Mar 20, 2013
A lot has been done for the development and growth of physical, physiological and conditioning abilities of the school and college students of Maharashtra in recent years. Maharashtrans display a rich and significant interest in sports of various kinds. Youngsters are thus being intensively trained for international excellence in the areas of sports, fitness and health. Maharashtra has given birth to a number of talented sports persons, who’ve done the state and its inhabitants proud with their achievements. There are hordes of young boys and girls who look up to the sports heroes of the state and the country and wish to emulate their success.

Keeping this in mind, the educational authorities in the state have established sports colleges and institutes that hone their skills and talents. These colleges provide quality physical education and are concentrated in the different districts of Maharashtra like Nagpur, Aurangabad, Osmanabad, Amravati, Jalgaon and many others. The primary motive of these colleges is to organise, manage and conduct a host of schemes intended to promote sports facilities and assistance for the talented youth of the state.

This section provides complete information about sports colleges in Maharashtra. It also provides the contact details of each and every sports colleges in Maharashtra. The best sports colleges in Maharashtra are covered here. If any sports institutes in Maharashtra is missing in this list, kindly inform us using our Contact Form. Students studying in sports institutes in Maharashtra can also write to us to give their reviews and feedback.

We have made the best efforts to provide accurate information on Maharashtra sports institutes. This list of sports institutes in Maharashtra is compiled from various authentic sources and hence can be relied upon. Still if there are any errors, please do let us know using our Contact Form. Remember, is your best source for all educational information in Maharashtra.

Training is provided in cricket, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, yoga as well as ball and net games which include tennis, hockey, basketball, table tennis, football, volleyball, badminton and wrestling to students. The basic talent inherent in these individuals is polished and given the right shape by coaches and instructors who have several years of experience in the field of training

Courses in Sports

  • B.Sc. (Physical Edu.)
  • Bach. of Physical Edu.
  • BPES
  • C.C in Aerobic & Fitness
  • Certi. In Physical Edu.
  • Dip. In Physical Edu.
  • Dip. In Yoga Education
  • Dip. Sports Sci.& Nutrition
  • M.Phil
  • M.S.P.T
  • Mast. of Physical Education
  • MPES
  • PG Dip. in Sports Management
  • Water Sports Course
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