MPSC Main - English Syllabus

Updated on: Apr 1, 2013
Standard :H.S.C.Total Marks : 200
Nature of Paper : Conventional TypeDuration : 3 Hours
  1. Essay : The candidates are expected to write anarrative or a descriptive essay on one of the given topics in about 300words. It is intended to judge thecandidate's knowledge of the topic, manner of presentation and alsocompetence in using correct English.
(Marks : 30)
  1. Letter writing : The candidates will be asked to write twotypes of letters, i.e. an informal letter to parents/ to a friend and aformal letter - an official/ business letter or a letter to the editor of anewspaper on a given topic in about 100 words. The candidate will be judged for content,manner of presentation and observance of the formal requirements of letterwriting.
(Marks : 20)
3)Communication Skills : The candidates areexpected to write on each of the following communicative activities (in about100-150 words). The purpose is to judge the candidate's ability to communicateeffectively in different cont1exts:a)A report of an event or a function or official workdone.
b) A notice or an appeal or a warning or a PressRelease for the Media (Radio, T.V., Press).
c) (i) Dialogue writing : A dialogue betweentwo persons or an appeal or adiscussion on a topical issue.
(ii) Speeches : formal speeches -welcome / send-
off/inaugural speech etc.
(d) An individualconversation with a group of people --
(1)at a Job Interview.
(2)at a Press Conference.
(3)with a delegation
(4)at a project site --e.g.: (i) camps being constructed for cattle in a drought-affectedarea, (ii) temporary shelters being constructed for earthquake-affectedpeople.
(5)at a place where some problematic situation has occurred --e.g.: natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc. (e) A GroupDiscussion, a Meeting, a Teleconference on a topical issue.
(Marks : 50)
4)Precis-writing :A passage of about 300 words will begiven for precis-writing. Thecandidates are expected to reduce the passage to one-third of its originallength in their own words. The purposeof precis-writing is to judge the candidate’s ability to comprehend, analyseand summarise the main ideas in the passage in their own words to one-third of the given number of wordstherein.(Marks : 20)
5)Comprehension : A passage of about300 words will be given with a set of questions based thereon. The purpose of the activity is to assessthe candidate's competence in understanding and answering questions based onthe passage.(Marks : 20)
6)Paraphrase of a Prose Passage : A prosepassage of about 300 words will be given to be paraphrased in order to judgethe candidate’s ability to understand, analyse and express clearly and insimple language the ideas in the passage in his/her own words.(Marks : 20)
7)Grammar :
i)Transformation of Sentences,ii) Correction of Sentences,
iii)Use of Tenses, iv) Punctuation, v)Word-formation,
vi)Use of Phrases.
(Marks : 40)


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